The Reiki Attunement

Everyone has the ability to heal. The difference between Reiki and other healing methods is the process of attunements. Attune means ‘to bring into harmony with’.
A good analogy would be tuning a radio to the right frequency.
Once a person has been ‘attuned’ to Reiki they will always be able to access it easily and simply by just intending to use it for self-healing, or to treat others.
The ability to channel Reiki lasts a lifetime.
In Usui Reiki there are a number of these attunements spread out over 2 to 4 days, so that the student has time to ‘acclimatise’ to each of the levels of energy involved.
The first attunements activate an energetic channel in the student, through which the Reiki energy can flow.
The student will be attuned through the crown, third eye, heart and palm chakras, and to finish, the attunement is ‘sealed’. Reiki will then flow though the hands to channel Reiki to self or others.

The Attunement Ceremony
Reiki Masters differ in the way they arrange things for the attunements.
Some prefer to work one-on-one, whilst others like to work with groups (although the attunement will be given to each individual in turn).
It is usually carried out in silence, with perhaps some soft, relaxing music playing in the background, with each student sitting on a chair with their eyes closed and their hands held in the ‘gassho’ or prayer position, palms together in front of their chest.
During the process there may be some gentle touching on the student’s head and hands, and they may be gently guided to raise their hands above their head for a few

The attunement ceremony is a very special, meditative experience. The eyes are closed is for two reasons. The first is because, as a sacred and spiritual ceremony, the movements and symbols are intended to be kept secret until the student trains to be a Reiki Master. The second is that when someone has their eyes closed, this reduces any external distractions, so that they are more easily able to stay in a meditative state.
Everyone’s experience of a Reiki attunement is slightly different. It may be best not to have any preconceived expectations. Students describe a variety of
experiences, ranging from a state of peaceful calm to lights, colours and visions. The effects of an attunement may be subtle but the effects last for three weeks or more.

The Purification cycle.
The ‘cleansing cycle’ lasts for about 21 days. It is a process of detoxification where the body and mind adjusts to the new energies flowing within it. It is sometimes referred to as a ‘healing crisis’ but many students experience very little in the way of ‘disruption’.
Physical adjustments: You my feel more tired than usual, so take plenty of rest. A physical elimination of toxins may occur, with spots, runny nose etc.
Pay attention to your diet so that the body is not stressed by ‘junk food’. It’s a good idea to drink plenty of water during this period and avoid alcohol if possible.
Mental adjustments: you may experience greater clarity of thought or a transformation in commonly held thoughts and belief.
Emotional adjustments: Old or forgotten emotions may resurface in order to be released. You may experience vivid dreams or nightmares as the subconscious mind clears itself. You may feel emotions more keenly.
Spiritual adjustments: You may feel a deeper connection with the World, nature, people and the Universe. Allow yourself the space to have time alone if necessary. Self-treatments are an important part of the adjustment process.

If you feel nothing at all don’t worry. The attunements will have worked, they are just taking a more subtle and gentle way to process.

Your Reiki Journal
You may wish to record your experiences in a separate Reiki Journal.
This could be in the form of a diary, a poem or a drawings to reflect your
experience of the attunement ceremony.

There should be at least 21 days between level 1 and level 2 attunements to allow integration of the energies into your being.

If you would like to be attuned to Reiki, please see my Courses page