Just For Today, Work Hard on Yourself

Sometimes translated as “Be honest in your work”

For me, this means self-development. Investing in myself.

I approach this in a number of ways. I’m by no means perfect – I see myself more as ‘a work in progress’ than the finished article. The finished article may take some time!

Self-healing: A daily Reiki self-treatment, takes a bit if self-discipline to become a regular habit. However, even if only 15 minutes, it does play an important part in self-healing. It is said a little Reiki is better than no Reiki. I do, however, feel much more relaxed after an hour long session.

There are Reiki techniques that focus on changing bad habits, addictions and redundant thought patterns. Seiheiki Chiryo Ho and Nentatsu Ho are very similar. Both can also be used to set an intention, usually in the form of an affirmation. Affirmations are very personal – what gels with one person can sound a bit ‘airy fairy’ to another. Some people like Louise Hay, but there are plenty of alternatives out there. Or you could make up your own. An affirmation needs to be positive and achievable. These techniques can be performed on yourself if you have Reiki (Seiheiki Chiryo Ho uses the Reiki 2 symbols, Nentatsu Ho does not need them)

I enjoy Hatsurei Ho each morning. I tailor it to fit the time I have available. When I go to Reiki shares or Reiki Guild events, these normally form part of the proceedings.

Reiki Shares: Whether you are a practitioner or not, as long as you have been attuned to Reiki, do find a local share and join in the fun. You can learn new techniques and make new friends. And learn how to do Hatsurei Ho!

I am currently working with the Three Diamonds. From: Nathaniel. Reiki: The Path of Three Diamonds: The Path to Spiritual Harmony

The first Dantien, Hara, is placed in the abdomen. The second dantien is placed in the heart, and the third dantien is placed in the head. Between them, according to Taoism teachings, there are two primary energy channels connecting the dantiens together – the front and back channel. Together they create what is called the microcosmic orbit.

The first Diamond, the earth energy, is the material world and the layer of Yin. The second Diamond is the emotional realm – our feelings and emotions, our points of view and perception of life, the Shadows hidden in the unconscious mind. The Third Diamond is the energy of the heart, it’s the practice of the third degree – Shinpiden. Here we discover nothing more but the practice that leads to integration of the first two Diamonds. This is where we practice in order to integrate together what we have learned in the past. We discover new aspects of the First and Second Diamond, where everything becomes a whole, leading us to the final goal of Unity.

According to Taoist teachings it is said that we should never work directly with the second and third dantien. We can work safely only with the first dantien, the Hara. But these dantiens are connected with each other. When the first dantien is activated fully, the spiritual energy goes to the second dantien, and once this one is full and activated, the energy reaches the third dantien. Nevertheless, on the path of Reiki we work directly only with the first dantien, the region of Hara in the abdomen. In a passive way, the second dantien benefits from meditations, breathing techniques and working with the Gassho mudra, and the third dantien benefits from the general practice.

At the beginning of this piece I wrote “The finished article may take some time!” I’m not sure there will ever be a ‘finished article’. And I am pretty sure I wouldn’t want there to be. It’s quite nice being a work in progress and exploring what life has to offer.

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