Just For Today, Worry Not.


I know I’m going to worry, but there is something I can do about it. And some worries are worth worrying about – a little. It’s a good idea to plan or prepare for some situations. But once the decision is made, leave it there. No point going round in circles.

On a physical level, worry brings us down. Shoulders rounded, head down, back stooped. Worry almost carries a physical weight. Excessive worry leads to anxiety, which can cause stress, high levels of cortisol, high blood pressure and digestive disturbances (there are ‘brain cells’ in the gut)

Emotionally, worry and anxiety can leave us drained. Thinking “I can’t do it” can make a person feel like they are drowning, overwhelmed. This makes clear thinking difficult. When feeling overwhelmed, breaking a tough schedule into small achievable chunks can help.

On a Spiritual level, worry is self-doubt. That interferes with any belief systems we may have on both mundane and higher levels. Self-doubt is losing faith.

Primary and secondary suffering – in Buddhist terms, primary suffering is the initial problem we experience. Suppose I twist my ankle. The very real pain in my foot would be primary suffering. Secondary suffering would be the worrying that follows – supposing the swelling doesn’t go down? I won’t be able to walk, then I won’t be able to go to class, then I won’t be able to finish my course, then I won’t be able to earn a living, then… Disaster! This can also be described as the first and second arrows of suffering. With the first arrow, we are shot with misfortune. With the second arrow we shoot ourselves. This is the aversion, worry and denial that follows the first arrow.

Dealing with worry: Saying the Reiki Principles first thing can help. Just as Anger is linked to fear, so too is Worry. Remember, it’s just for today… And by the time tomorrow comes, whatever our worry is, it will in all likelihood have resolved itself.

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